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Vintage Truck Photo Op

Are you a photographer, or aspiring to be one?  Looking for that special photo op?  We've got it!  


Bring your family out for a quick shoot or set-up photo sessions for the afternoon with our vintage 1950 Chevy Truck located on the banks of the Salt River at our beautiful farm.


$35 / 1-hour Session

$130 / 4-hour Session


Key Notes:

*Please be respectful of scheduled time slot

*Do not get inside of the truck. Standing at the door is acceptable. 

*Please be mindful that this is a 70 year old vintage truck and there are no others like it.  Please do not damage the truck in any way. Please keep an eye on small children. 

*Please follow the map for the location of the truck and locations for entering and leaving the farm.  Only stay in the areas near the truck.  Do not go to other locations on the farm.

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