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How big is the Maze?

The Devine's Corn Maze covers over 10 Acres. There are 3 different mazes to choose from. The "Kiddie Maze", The "First Timer", and the featured maze. This means there are miles of winding paths to explore!



We want your outing to Devine's Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch to be fun-filled.  Here are just a few tips and frequently asked questions that will help you have an enjoyable visit.


How long will it take to get through the maze?


Choose the maze that works for you! The "Kiddie Maze" is for smaller children to do all by themselves. The "First Timer" Maze is for anyone that wants the experience without getting too lost. It may take you anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes. The featured maze is for those that want a little more challenge. It could take anywhere from 25 min. to 45 min. More if you get lost!

What happens if I get lost?


Do not panic. Find your bearings and try again. We will have people periodically going through the maze.  Do NOT cut through the corn!!


What should I wear?


Remember, You will be walking through a corn field. If it is cool dress in layers! It warms up quick when your walking through the maze. Wear sturdy shoes. If it has rained recently, be prepared for mud!


Who should visit the corn maze?


The Devine's Corn Maze is intended for family friendly fun! Children and the young at heart will enjoy navigating and getting lost and found. 

 If you are pregnant, claustrophobic, have a medical condition, or get easily frustrated, then we recommend that you do not enter.


Are groups welcome at the corn maze?


At the Devine's Corn Maze we consider a group to consist of 15 or more people. We welcome you anytime during normal business hours. Groups of 50 or more may come during normal hours or may contact us to schedule a daily appointment. There is a price reduction for all groups.


Will the maze be open during bad weather?


Please call ahead if there are any questions about the weather.  Call 859-613-5066.


Can I drop my children off and pick them up later?


We will not allow anyone 14 or under to be dropped off without a parent signing them in.  Their ride must be there by 9:30pm.  We will not allow anyone 13 and under to be at the corn maze by themselves.  There must be an adult on the premises.  If you are 12 and under, you must have an adult with you at all times after entry and must have an adult go in with you through the mazes.



Can I bring my dog?


Yes,  you may bring your well-behaved dog to the farm during normal operating hours.  Just keep them on a leash and be sure to clean up after them.  Please do not bring dogs during our field trips as there are a variety of ages of guests and some may become scared.

What happens to the corn after the maze is over?


The corn used for the maze does not go to waste.  We harvest the corn to be used for the farm animals during the winter.


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