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Devine's Farm Market

Devine's Farm Market is 
OPEN for the season

We will be opening around the first of July depending on produce availability. 

Comes see us for the following items:

Ambrosia Sweet Corn- Available ($4/dz, $20/bu)

Green Beans- Not Available ($1.50/lb, $35/bu)

Tomatoes- Available ($2/lb)

Yellow Tomatoes- Available ($3/lb)

Cucumbers- Available ($1.00/ea)

Yellow Squash- Available ($3/$1)

Zucchini- Available($0.50/ea)

Beets- Available($1.50/bunch- apprx. 2/lb)

Bell Peppers- Available ($0.75/ea)

Banana Peppers- Available (4/$1)

Cabbage- Available ($4.00/ea)

Onions- Available ($1.00/lb)

New Potatoes- Available ($1.25/lb)

Okra- Available ($2.50/lb)

Kohlrabi- Available ($2/ea)

Watermelons- Available ($9.50/ea)

Cantaloupes- Available ($4/ea)

Peaches- Available ($2.25/lb, $50/box-1/2 bu)

Honey- Available ($10/ea)

Jams & Relishes- Available ($4.50/ea)

Last Updated: 7/14/23

(Pricing is for reference only and may be updated throughout the season.  Price at the market takes precedence.)



Monday-Friday: 9a-5p

Saturday: 9a-4p

Sunday: Closed

Market Questions?

Call 859-613-3489

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Due to poor strawberry yields in the last several seasons, despite trying different growing strategies, we will no longer be offering strawberries effective the 2023 season.  


Usually around July 4th, we open our farm market to the public.  We grow all of the corn, green beans, tomatoes, peppers, squash and more on our farm while adding some other locally grown favorites for that perfect meal!


We now offer online ordering once we start selling sweet corn.  It's simple and safe.  Visit the link below and select and pay for the items you want to purchase.  Once you arrive at the farm market, provide us with your name and we will bring the order to you.  Don't want to get out of your vehicle?  We can even offer curbside pickup!

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